Register for summer 2023 !

You can register for the playground summer online from now on (new users - see steps 1-5 below), or confirm your personal information if you already have an account - by signing in. Please note that new users will need to stop by the playground. More information about the sign-up week see here.
Register now
StEp 1

Create an account

Click on 'Register now' above and create your account.
Confirm your account via the email you receive from us.
If you already have an account from last year, you do not need to register again. Just sign in and confirm your details.

Not able to create your account?
Then be sure to pass by the playground during registrations week, we will help you.

StEp 2

Add your children to your account 

Once you have confirmed your account, you can add the children you want to sign up through your account page.
(existing users can also add children at any time)

Don't forget to add extra contact persons (at the bottom of your account page).

Not able to add your children to your account?
Then be sure to pass by the playground during registrations week, we will help you.

StEp 3

Pass by the playground

As a new user, come to the playground during registration week.

You will sign the children's forms and bring with you: stickers from the health insurance fund and possibly a recent family composition certificate.

You will also receive more information about how the playground works.

StEp 4

A summer full of playing

Your children are now registered for the playground summer.

You do not need to give advance notice of which days your child will be coming to the playground.
We note the child's attendance when he/she arrives at the playground with parents or the playground bus.

StEp  5


You will receive an invoice during and afer the playground summer that includes:

- insurance (1x per summer €8 per child)
- all attended days (€ 6 per day - only the days present)
- all activities

In your account you can also find your attendance, invoice and payment information.

Next year you will receive your tax certificate, if you have indicated so on your account page.
We only issue a tax certificate if payment is made on time.